About us

Here's is how it happened.

When I landed as an immigrant, I was helpless and had to learn each and everything. I worked hard to become a qualified accountant and woking in the financial district in the city of London as an IT consultant.

If I can do that, anyone else can do so too and I want to share what I learn with other aspiring immigrants.

I am the creater of the courses to help you all and importantly, will be happy to guide you in to the IT sector which is awaiting you.

Ravi Maniam ACMA, CGMA


Beyond the video course, If you need further help, such as teacher led training, we are happy to discuss. Please contact.


All our courses are online and delivered via desktop, laptop and smart phones.

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We are the first in video courses in Life in the UK Test preperation and in Driving Theory Test Preperation.



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